Gabriella Makstman for Daly City City Council 2018
Gabriella Makstman for Daly City City Council 2018

About Me

Gabriella Makstman is a proud Daly City resident, having lived both in the Serramonte and Southern Hills neighborhoods. Gabriella moved to the San Francisco Bay Area as a child, attending Lowell High School and graduating from San Francisco State University with a BA in International Relations.


Gabriella has over a decade of experience in Financial Planning and Analysis, supporting well known Bay Area companies and early stage start-ups. She has served as both President and Treasurer of the Serramonte Village Board of Directors. Prior to working in the private sector, Gabriella worked in development for several non-profit organizations, including the ALS Association. She has participated in lobby activism in Washington, D.C., supporting Eating Disorders and Mental Health Bills in Congress and the Senate.


As an immigrant from the Eastern European country of Latvia, Gabriella understands the unique needs of the multicultural and diverse population of Daly City. She is a mother of two young girls and she wants them to inherit a beautiful and flourishing Daly City

Gabriella believes our politicians have lost track of the needs of their constituents and communities. They have become too focused on party politics. She wants to help Daly City continue to prosper, grow and thrive. Gabriella believes in community development, fiscal responsibility, access to quality education, governmental accountability and transparency, and protecting public safety.

Gabriella believes in access to vocational training opportunities for high school and college students and all adults of working age. No one should be left behind as our economy prospers. She knows we must attract businesses to our city to employee our growing community.  She believes parents and families should be empowered to make the best decisions for their children.

If elected, Gabriella will fight to make sure that the voices of Daly City residents are heard. She will tirelessly work to support the needs of our community.


"I'm running so that I can make a difference in our community. I want to make Daly City better for my children, for our children. I am tired of hearing polticians fighting about policies that distract from what's important to Daly City residents.

I am ready to bring common sense back. I'm ready to serve the community"

I want to hear from you!

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