Gabriella Makstman for Daly City City Council 2016
Gabriella Makstman for Daly City City Council 2016













Common Sense Governance

Bridging the Gap Between Party Politics



The Following Leaders Have Endorsed Me:


Mike Guingona: 5-Time Daly City Mayor


Madolyn Agrimonti: Former Councilmember & Mayor, Daly City 1990-2002, Current Mayor Pro Tem, City of Sonoma


Sandie Arnott, San Mateo County Treasurer


Robert Bernardo, Harbor District Commissioner


Howard Edelman, Daly City Planning Commissioner


Rachel Garibaldi: Retired Trustee, Bayshore School District


Nick Occhipinti, Board Member, Jefferson Union High School District


Shakeel Ali, Jefferson Elementary School Board Member


Olga Stavinskaya-Vasquez, Daly City Personnel Board


Carole Hutchins, Daly City Personnel Board


Marianne Petroni, Retired Jefferson Elementary Board Member


Victor Spano, Jefferson Union High School District Bond Oversight Committee


Herb Perez, Mayor of Foster City


Marian Mann, Community Leader



Before November 9th Vote for Gabriella Makstman

Tired of feeling no one is representing you in Daly City? 
Together we can stop having our political leaders only care about their self interests.
This election your decision can make the difference.
Vote Gabriella Makstman for Daly City Council and we can start changing our community for the better.
Let Me Be Your Voice 
Vote Gabriella Makstman for Daly City Council


Gabriella Makstman City Council 2018

I am just like you. I'm a parent. I'm an immigrant. I work full-time. I'm a home owner. I am a Daly City resident. I am tired of party politics. I am focused on what matters most.
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